Doorman Security

If you and your venue are looking for doorman, welcome to KD Security.
We work closely with our regular clients keeping their customers, staff safe and secure at all times and know just how important it is to provide the highest level of security available. Our doorman security are very professional and capable of completing the task at hand so you can call us any time at all.
We can offer protection to our clients and people with the the most professional approach and we ensure that you, your staff, your premises and your customers are within a safe and healthy environment.

Event Security

From indoor and outdoor events, festivals, parades and shows, here at KD Security we have the necessary skill set to be your event security company London.

Festivals and events are to the opportunist thief, what an open window is to your regular house burglar. With crowds of people swarming to enjoy the entertainment, some will unfortunately take it as a chance to make some easy money. Statistically, 16% of festival goers were a victim of crime last year. This figure expected to rise again this year but with some fantastic event security London, this number may diminish.


We take pride in our professional and personal approach to every job we tackle. From larger retail security London to smaller retail security, we guarantee a service that best fits our client’s needs.

It goes without saying that retail security London is a necessity. Hiring one of the right retail security companies in London is essential for your business. Retailers can rely on KD Security for their retail security London. From your employees to your premises, providing your retail security London will be our number one priority.