Close protection operatives have always been integral to our operational identity. Our close protection operatives, bodyguards and security chauffeurs are fully qualified, highly trained and SIA registered – training and extensive expertise from a military or police career, possessing considerable experience in the field, as well as encompassing the KD Security Services ethos:

  • Friendly
  • Well Presented
  • Professional
  • Reliable
  • Discret and experienced

We provide risk and threat assessments and assist in your personal safety, in all environments and every situation.

KD Security Services has provided unparalleled protection and have managed the security requirements for musicians, fashion designers, models, actors, artists, VIP’s, royalty and corporate clients.

Great for you

Our Personal Protection Services include:

  • Individual Bodyguards
  • International Bodyguards
  • Personal Escorts
  • VIP Support
  • Security Chauffeurs

Our private security operatives also undergo our rigorous in-house training programme, which further equips them with additional skills in operational management, and executive customer relations.

Our Door Supervisors take precautions and our management carry out risk assessments to ensure the risk of an incident happening is lowered substantially.

Our first priority is professionalism and excellence; Our greatest strength is that we are dedicated to achieving it.