KD Security Group is a London based security service, and a provider of quality security guards, protection, drivers and manpower either discreetly or highly visible to various prominent clients for many years. We are totally committed to providing our clients with security solutions tailor made to their requirements.

Matching the right guards to our clients and their environment is a craft we have mastered over many years. Our policy is that we will not sub contract out our valuable clients work. Also the direct employment of staff without the use of subcontractors, unlike other companies, we have full control.

KD Security Group can guarantee an allocation of a reliable security guard or team who are able to display discretion, professionalism and within the timeframe required. All our clients enjoy full support by KD Security Service, as we will focus on the growth and improvement of their business interests.

We will implement the required system and professional standard that deliver an outcome on any platform. We know how diverse security can be, but despite this, KD Security Group have experienced practices in place to meet our client’s needs.

We offer a personalised security service to all clients regardless of their budget.

If you want discreet or highly visible security and unlimited support call KD Security Group with through your enquiry and we will get to work on your project immediately.

Our first priority is professionalism and excellence; Our greatest strength is that we are dedicated to achieving it.